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Surgical evaluation and training

Under creation, Please refer to the projects page


Current Projects

SUNSET: Scrub Nurse Non-technical Skills Training System

The SunSet project aims at developing a software suite based on immersive and collaborative virtual reality technology for training and evaluating non-technical skills. The project is implemented in the context of the training of scrub nurses specialized in neurosurgery.More information


Former Projects


In this project, we propose to study a solution for the computation of surgical procedural knowledge models from recordings of individual procedures and their execution. The objective is to develop an enabling technology for procedural knowledge-based surgical simulation systems. In this project, we demonstrate its potential added value for high-level abstraction teaching applications. More information

Surgical process deviation detection

This project has to objective to detect and distinguish surgical process deviations in abdominal surgeries based on multi-dimensional non-linear temporal scaling with a hidden semi-Markov model using manual annotation of surgical processes. More information

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