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-==== ACROBOAT ==== 
-[[activities:set:acroboat|{{  :activities:set:acroboat.png?150|}}]] 
-To get a high quality of surgery, efficiency and no complications are the keypoints and the objectives researches by operators. Robotic surgery is becoming more and more widespread and with its computer interface, it is the only surgical approach allowing a very precise analysis of the procedures performed. The aim of the project is to analyse surgical practice and to understand and determine the differences between operators according to their expertise level and the factors leading to differences in the outcome of surgical procedures. To achieve this objective, we will study the technical aspect and the procedural aspect of surgery. With Intuitive Surgical collaboration who loaned us a register box (Dvlogger), technical aspect will be explored with kinematics metrics (movements of instruments) and the procedural aspect with the sequence of phase and steps of surgery from video analysis.\\ 
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