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Scientific Activities

VisAGeS U746 activities concern the development of new information science algorithms dedicated to the analysis of medical images and their integration in the surgical room.

General Methodological Objectives

We focused on the research and development of new algorithms in medical imaging, information processing and computer assisted intervention in the context of the pathologies of the central nervous system. In this context, we are addressing the general problems of conception of the surgical room of the future, the better understanding of normal and pathological brain organs and systems behavior, at different scales, and the promotion and the support of Virtual Organizations of biomedical actors by means of healthgrid's technologies.

General Application Domains

The medical application objectives are focused on pathologies of the central nervous system, with a particular effort on extraction of new imaging biomarkers for brain pathologies (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, neuropaediatrics, strokes, psychiatry, …) and in Image Guided Neurosurgery through the integration of new intra-operative sensors and the semantic modeling of surgical procedures. More generally, our application objectives concern Multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, dementia, neuro-degenerative brain diseases, brain vascular diseases, Deep Brain Stimulation, and tumor surgery.


Medical Imaging, Neuroinformatics, Neuroimaging, Computer Assisted Surgery, Medical Ontologies, Data Fusion, Image Processing, Neurological Pathologies, Modeling of normal and pathological behavior of the human brain, e-health & HealthGrids//.

Activities reports

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