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1st Workshop Skillmulation

Soft Skills in Healthcare: Simulation for Training and Evaluation with Virtual Environments

Thursday, June 18th 2020


  • Lieu: Amphithéâtre du Centre Cardio-Pneumologie au Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Pontchaillou de Rennes
  • Date : Thursday, June 18th 2020
  • Access : Google Maps

Soft skills have been recently identified as being crucial in clinical practice and training. Even if success of surgery is usually linked to technical skills such as dexterity, efficiency and fluidity of movement, the systematic study of medical errors has revealed that a significant percentage of these errors are caused by factors related to non-technical skills. Soft skills are multifaceted and include interpersonal and social skills, most often described as situation awareness, decision-making, leadership and communication & teamwork. Healthcare simulation is the modern way to educate, train and assess healthcare professionals to master cognitive, technical, and behavioral skill sets through technologically advanced crafted experiences. This style of experiential learning enables trainees to practice and test their abilities while building confidence, prior to working with patients in real world scenarios. In the vast field of simulation tools, Virtual Reality has become increasingly popular as a way to train soft skills in medical training and in a wide range of industries. Through immersive VR, trainees get to learn and train for situations that require cognitive and interpersonal skills.

With this workshop, we aim at presenting recent research works on these emerging themes. This multidisciplinary meeting brings together researchers and engineers, psychologists, surgeons, trainers and teachers. The objective is to share experiences and knowledge through invited presentations, posters and demonstrations.

  • Organizers: Dr. P. Jannin, Pr. E. Michinov, Dr V. Gouranton, Pr B. Arnaldi
  • Scientific Committee: Dr. P. Jannin, Pr. C. Haegelen, Pr. V. Lavoué, Dr. M. Lelous, Pr. H. Thomazeau, Pr. P. Pladys, Dr. .J. Descamps, Pr. J.C Granry, Pr P. De Vries
  • Local Organizing Committee: M. Le Duff, F. Belarbi, N. Buisard


Tentative Program :

  • Session 1 : NTS and Healthcare
  • Session 2 : Medical simulation for training soft skills in virtual environments (1 - VR orientation)
  • Session 3 : Medical simulation for training soft skills in virtual environments (2 - Psycho orientation)
  • Session 4 : NTS and Robotic
  • Session 5 : Opening discussion : And in other domains ?

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