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The Team MediCIS has been working on surgical process modeling for many years. These works aim at understanding what occurs in the Operating Room during the operation, such as the actions performed by the surgeon himself or the interactions between the actors. All of this in order to create accurate models for each type of surgery which could be used in an intra-operative way to assist the surgeon during a surgical procedure.

The software platform is composed of multiple modules, each one has its own specific purposes. There are currently two modules available:

- Acquisition module: To record a surgical procedure (meaning both pre-operative and intra-operative data regarding the patient and the surgery). The recording can be done by the user either in live mode (i-e: in the Operating Room) or video mode (i-e: using a video recorded during the surgical procedure). For more information: ProcSide Acquisition.

- Visualization module: To visualize previously recorded surgical procedures and to compute basic statistics. For more information: ProcSide Visualization.

A version of this software platform has already been developed and is available for download (upon request). The current version allows the user recording two types of surgeries: cataract surgery and Deep Brain Stimulation surgery.

Technical specifications

Current ProcSide version: 1.0.
Current ProcSide release date: March 1st 2012.

The software can currently be used on either a computer with Windows XP/7 OS or a Mac. For the moment there is no Linux version.

Overview video

ProcSide : Short demonstration of what can be performed with the software.


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