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ProcSide Acquisition


Within the ProcSide platform, this module is used to record a surgical procedure by filling in information before and during the surgery. The granularity scale used is the following:

The pre-operative part:
Data that can be filled in are the following:
- Data relative to the patient: ID number, age, gender, profession …
- Data relative to the surgeon: name, level of expertise, laterality …
- Data relative to the surgery: where/when the surgery takes place, the surgery type, surgical phases, specificities about the surgery …

The intra-operative part:
Data that can be filled in are the following:
- Actors: people whom the user wants to record. The corresponding bodyparts have to be specified (e-g: right hand, left hand, right foot …).
- Surgical workflow: which is namely the surgical procedure, i-e: the chain of activities performed by the actors.

Technical specifications

For now, only two types of surgical procedures are available for recording:
- Cataract surgeries (corresponding Cataract terminology).
- Deep Brain Stimulation surgeries (corresponding DBS terminology).

The recorded surgical procedure can be saved in a .xml file format as long as load by the module in order to either resume the recording or perform some modifications.

Overview video

ProcSide Acquisition module : Short demonstration of what can be performed with this module.

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