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ProcSide Visualization


Within the ProcSide platform, this module is used to display a previously recorded surgical procedure in order to have a better overall visualization of a full surgical procedure. In addition to the display, some basic statistics regarding the surgical activities are computed.

Overall statistics:
- Total surgery duration time (in seconds).
- Total of different activities and total of performed activities.
- Total of activities performed by each recorded actor (i-e: actor/bodypart combination) and the corresponding percentage of activity during the whole surgical procedure.

Activity specific statistics:
- Number of occurrence for each actor/bodypart combination.
- Total performed duration.
- Average performed duration.
- Minimum and maximum performed durations.
- Corresponding duration percentage over total surgery duration.

Technical specifications

As for now, the computed statistics can be saved (i-e: exported) in the following file format:
- .xml
- .csv

Overview video

ProcSide Visualization module : Short demonstration of what can be performed with this module.

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