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 ====== Contact ====== ====== Contact ======
-{{  :​members:​alexandre.tronchot:​tronchot_alexandre.png?​140|}}+{{  :​members:​alexandre.tronchot:​tronchot_alexandre.png?​140|}} ​ ​\\  ​
 **Email** : \\ **Email** : \\
 **Addresses** :\\ LTSI - INSERM, U1099, Equipe Medicis\\ **Addresses** :\\ LTSI - INSERM, U1099, Equipe Medicis\\
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 ====== Research areas ====== ====== Research areas ======
 +  * Orthopedic Surgery
 +  * Arthroscopy
 +  * Simulation Training
 +  * Virtual Reality
 +  * Sports Medicine
 +====== Research Objectives ======
 +With reduced resident work hours, increasing patient demands, and more and more hospital financial burden, the traditional mentoring reached its limits. Therefore, last few years have seen important advances in the orthopedic residency training with additional time and new teaching tools. Simulation is one of the tools proposed for training, and it has already proved its worth in the behavioral field. Its evolution towards virtual reality (VR) is now proposed for procedural training because it offers a tool at the borderline between theoretical and practical realities and, above all, tirelessly reproducible. Arthroscopic surgery is particularly well suited to this VR simulation because of its per-operative visual feedback on a 2D screen. However, and although there are more and more scientific articles talking about the interest of VR simulation in arthroscopic surgery, few report its validity when transposing competency from the simulator to the operating room. My research objectives are to enhance surgical training with the wisely use of VR simulation in order to propose a gradually and safely surgical curricula.
 ====== Publications ====== ====== Publications ======
 +  * Kinematic performance on virtual reality arthroscopy simulator correlate with experience level using clustering. A Tronchot, J Berthelemy, M Le Duff, A Huaulmé, H Common, P Walbron, F Sirveaux, H Thomazeau, P Jannin. Communication et E-Poster. SFA Research Day 2019, 
 +  * Infection et prothèse totale d'​épaule inversée. H Thomazeau, A Hervé, A Tronchot et S Corvec. Cahier d'​enseignement de la SOFCOT 2020 : Prothèse totale d'​épaule inversée. ELSEVIER ed., 2020, Pages 165-180, ISBN 9782294765919,​ [[https://​​science/​article/​pii/​B9782294765919000205|DOI:​ 10.1016/​B978-2-294-76591-9.00020-5.]]
 +  * Techniques et résultats des reconstructions de l'​appareil abducteur de la hanche en chirurgie oncologique chez l'​adulte. M Ropars, J-C Lambotte, J Maximen, V Crenn, A Tronchot, D Huten. Conférences d'​enseignement 2020 de la SOFCOT. ELSEVIER ed., 2020, Pages 209-221, ISBN 9782294772504,​ [[https://​​science/​article/​pii/​B9782294772504000176|DOI:​ 10.1016/​B978-2-294-77250-4.00017-6.]] ​ \\  ​
 +  * Ropars M, Lambotte JC, Maximen J, Crenn V, Tronchot A, Huten D. Techniques and outcomes of hip abductor reconstruction following tumor resection in adults. Orthop Traumatol Surg Res. 2021 Feb;​107(1S):​102765. doi: 10.1016/​j.otsr.2020.102765. Epub 2020 Dec 13. PMID: 33321236. [[https://​​science/​article/​abs/​pii/​S187705682030356X?​via%3Dihub|DOI:​ 10.1016/​j.otsr.2020.102765]] ​ \\  ​
 +https://​​profile/​Alexandre_Tronchot2 ​ \\  ​
 +https://​​0000-0002-3092-3282 ​ \\  ​
 +**Scientific societies:​**
 +  * Société Française de Chirurgie Othopédique et Traumatologique (SoFCOT). Junior Member
 +  * Société Française d’Arthroscopie (SFA). Junior Member.
 +  * Société d’Orthopédie de l’Ouest (SOO). Junior Member
 +  * Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery (CAOS) France
 +  * Referent of the residents of the HUGORTHO group (inter-regional network of the orthopedic and trauma surgery university hospital departments),​ since November 2020
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