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[[#halpublipj|Full HAL list]] [[#halpublipj|Full HAL list]]
 + [[|Google Scholar Citations]]
====== Research areas ====== ====== Research areas ======
-{{ :members:pierre.jannin:dbsa.jpg?200}} +TODO
-He has more than 20 years experience in designing and developing image guided surgery systems for neurosurgery, from stereotactic frame based applications to neuronavigation. The clinical applications +
-he fully or partially developed were or are still used in +
-clinical routine in the Neurosurgery department of Rennes's +
-hospital: frame based stereotactic biopsies using 3D CT and MR +
-since 1994 and with Neuromate robot since 1997, MR and 3D +
-Angiography SEEG depth electrodes implantation since 1998, +
-multimodal neuronavigation since 1999. His research topics +
-include image guided surgery, multimodal imaging data fusion, +
-augmented reality, modeling of surgical procedures and processes, study of surgical expertise, and +
-[[|validation in medical image processing and in image guided surgery]]. The main clinical +
-application areas concern functional neurosurgery and surgery of low +
-grade tumors in central areas. He authored or co authored more +
-than 40 peer-reviewed international journal papers and more than +
-50 international conferences long papers.+
-  * [[::activities:theme1:projects|Research projects]] 
-  * {{:members:pierre.jannin:pierre.jannincv-eng2013.pdf|Long CV in english}} 
-====== Teaching ====== 
-{{ :members:pierre.jannin:jsbme2012.jpg?150|At JSBME 2012 in Fukuoka Japan with Pr. Fujie}} 
-  * Main Topics : 3D display in medical imaging, Data fusion in medical imaging, Validation in medical image processing for : MSc (DEA) Biomedical Engineering, University of Tours-Angers-Nantes-Rennes, MSc of Biological Sciences in Medicine, University Rennes 1, [[|European School of Medical Physics]], Archamps; SPIE Medical Imaging 2007-2009, USA, CARS 2009-2011 
-  * Manager of a teaching course on Image Guided Surgery in the master [[|Signaux et Images en  Biologie et en Médecine, University of Tours-Angers-Rennes]] 
-===== Students supervision ===== 
-  * Ph. D. : Frederic Monge (2012-2015), David Bouget (2012-2015), Florent Lalys (2008-2011), Brivael Trelhu (2007-2010), Omar El Ganaoui (2005-2008), Perrine Paul (2003-2006), M. Raimbault (2001-2004),O. Fleig (2000-2003), with B. Gibaud : B. Aubert-Broche (2001-2004), C. Grova (2000-2004), with X. Morandi : Claire Haegelen (2010-2013), Laurent Riffaud (2009-2012) 
-  * Ph. D. cosupervision : with ICCAS (Leipzig, Germany) Andrej Machno (2010-2012), Thomas Neumuth (2005-2009), Ronny Grunert (2005-2008), with LIRRM (Montpellier, France) Fabien Despinoy (2013-2015) 
-====== Jobs ====== 
-  * Opened positions : PhD and master positions in Computer Assisted Surgery ([[:positions:index|Have a look here]] and/or ask me directly) 
-====== Ressources ====== 
-{{ :members:pierre.jannin:scene_preoperatoire.jpg?200}} 
-  * Web site dedicated on Validation in Medical Image Processing: 
-  * Web site of the International Society of Computer Aided Surgery: 
-  * Editor of a special issue in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging on [[|Validation in  Medical Image Processing" (November 2005)]] 
-  * [[|Video Presentation of Data fusion for image guided neurosurgery]] (in French) for [[|IRISA 30th anniversary]] 
-  * [[|General Presentation of Data fusion for image guided neurosurgery]] (in French) for [[|INTERSTICES]], the INRIA web journal 
-  * [[|Video Presentation of information and knowledge guided neurosurgery]] (in French) for [[|INRIA scientific presentations]] 
====== Hal list of Publications ====== ====== Hal list of Publications ======
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