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Image Guided Neuro-Surgery - Planning software




The Team MediCIS has been working on imagery guided neurosurgery for many years. These works aim at assisting the surgeon in the operation by using preoperative and intra-operative images of the patient.

A prototype of a software platform has already been developed : under the control of an engineer, the platform can communicate with the neuronavigation station of the surgery room in order to get important information, it computes a non-linear registration between pre-operative and intra-operative images, and it enables the surgeon to visualize many information during the operation. Indeed, after such registrations performed at various steps of the surgery, the surgeon can navigate through patient's pre-operative images : this is far more informative due to pre-operative imagery's quality (IRM notably) BUT this is all the more efficient since registrations are accurate and tools are robust and easy to use. A first version of this platform was setup in the surgery room of the hospital Pontchaillou at Rennes and has been tested for February 2008.

The main purpose of this job is to initiate the development of a complete image-guided-neurosurgery software platform which can be setup in the surgery room and readily used autonomously by the medical staff.

For further information about this project's purpose, please read this document (in French) .


A second version of this software is available. To try it, please download source code by running the following command in a terminal : “svn checkout” , after configuring and compiling it, run the binary. Planner software features : <code> 1. Qt 4 graphical user interface through which clinicians are invited to work 2. Planning creation for a given patient 3. Dicom data extraction and visualization through classical views (Axial, Coronal, Sagittal) : Preop and post data ((T1, T1 Gado, T2, DTI and other angio volumes… ) 4. Lesion manual segmentation, slice by slice 5. Brain from T1, Skin from T1, Sulci from T1, Vessels from TOF, Fibers from DTI ⇒ Automatic segmentations 6. Final 3D visualization bound to 2D views browsing (surfacic and volumic visualization, selection of a parallelepipedic region of interest 7. Tumor volume computation </code> Technical documentation dealing with how this software works and can be increased in features is provided with source code. The first version of this planning software was totally redesigned by Alexandre Abadie and Romain Carpentier in order to build a complete and durable Image Guided NeuroSurgery platform. We want this platform to offer a full clinician-user-friendly software pipeline, from preoperative planning (including other works like fMRI, DeepBrainStimulation planning tools, semi-automatic gyri labeling…) to on-line and almost real-time peroperative registration tools and retropective data studies. It was designed to be as re-usable as possible, either the Graphical User Interface components or the underlying image processings. And, above all, because IGNS may require huge software engineering resources, we must prioritize all the clinician requests so that we can focus, on the one hand, on patient data collection (research utility) and, on the other hand, on peroperative software (MR T1 registration according to current brainshift using echographic imagery) which, we believe, should be of great use for surgery navigation and surgical gesture improvment. Two videos (in French) of the preoperative planning software are exposed below. ===== Explanations in videos ===== IGNS Planner : Short explanation of what is IGNS Planner software and how it can be interesting to neurosurgeons and research purpose
<flashplayer width=600 height=400 play=true>file=</flashplayer> IGNS Planner : Image Guided NeuroSurgery Planner software in use
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