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Available data-sets


The “MIcro-Surgical Anastomose Workflow recognition on training sessions” (MISAW) data-set has been present as a sub-challenge of Endovis2020 at MICCAI2020.

The data-set contains 27 micro-anastomosis training sequences and is composed of the following information: MISAW data-set snapshots

  • Stereoscopic video
  • Kinematic data
  • Workflow annotation at 3 levels of granularity (phases, steps, and activities)

You can found additional information and download the data-set here:


OntoSPM is an ontology for Surgical Process Models. It became an european intitiative starting in 2016 and involving 15 active european institutions and a network of about 50 partners in total.

NeuroSurgicalTools dataset

You can access the dataset or download directly corresponding images and annotations files here.

MR mono-subject template

You can access here the images files of the MRI T1 template, T2 Template and T1/T2 mixed MR template which are made freely available to our community. These templates were created in order to improve visualization of spatially complex deep brain structures such as basal ganglia. They can used as a reference for neuroimage processing methods.

Software Development


ProcSide is an open source platform software used to record surgical procedure and perform statistical studies.


pyDBS is a software environment for planning, performing and assessing deep brain stimulation from medical images and digital atlases. It is developed with in the ANR ACouStiC project.


taopy, is an extension of NIPY (, a Python project that provides a uniform interface to existing neuroimaging software (FSL, Freesurfer, Brainvisa, dtk…) and integrates new functionalities.

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