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Job Offers

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

  • 2020: 18 month postdoctoral position in surgical data science
  • For Post doc positions, some more may be available soon. Please contact directly Pierre Jannin.

Research Engineer Position

  • Engineering Position in Computer vision and machine learning (particularly deep learning). We are looking for an engineer, for “Project CONDOR, Connected Optimized Network & Data in Operating Rooms”, on modeling and recognition of surgical events in surgical videos. The main objective of this project is to develop novel models to recognize surgical events in surgical videos. More details here: position_condor.pdf

PhD Thesis

  • For more PhD positions, please contact directly at pierre.jannin(at)

Internship proposals

  • 2020: Stage d'ingenieur en informatique/developpement logiciel “Surgical Process Model visualization”
  • 2020: Stage recherche en informatique et vision par ordinateur “Detection/Recognition of motion patterns in 3D for hand gesture recognition”
  • 2020: Stage recherche en data-mining “Analysis of surgical procedures using data- and text-mining techniques”
  • 2020: Stage recherche ontologie “Ontologie d'application pour l'annotation de données anatomiques et physiologiques dans la stimulation cérébrale profonde”

You would like to work with us and you come from abroad ?

Please find a lot of useful information at the University Department in charge of International students and researchers:

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