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4-year Junior Professor position

LTSI / ISTIC / ESIR: Digital Twinning, Artificial Intelligence and Surgical Data Science for Interventional Assistance in the Operating Room of the Future. Position Galaxie 4654.

The recruitment campaign on this CPJ contract starts on 07/22/2022 at 10am (Paris time), and ends on 09/19/2022 at 4pm (Paris time).

The French Research Programming Law has created a new type of pre-tenure contract, the Junior Professorship. These junior professorships are a new way of recruitment based on a research and teaching project which, after 4 years of contract at the University of Rennes 1, and after evaluation of the scientific value and professional aptitude of the teacher-researcher by an evaluation committee, allows access to a full position in the body of University Professors. Candidates must hold a doctorate or, failing that, an equivalence with the doctorate of their university diplomas, qualifications and titles, attributed by the academic council meeting in restricted formation.

Applications must be submitted at :

We recommend to contact us first at pierre.jannin(at)

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

  • 2021: 18 month postdoctoral position in surgical data science
  • For Post doc positions, some more may be available soon. Please contact directly Pierre Jannin.

Research engineer positions

  • For Research engineer positions, some more may be available soon. Please contact directly Pierre Jannin.

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You would like to work with us and you come from abroad ?

Please find a lot of useful information at the University Department in charge of International students and researchers:

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