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Job Offers

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

  • 2018: 18 month postdoctoral position with LIRMM on robotic and surgical simulation
  • For Post doc positions, some more may be available soon. Please contact directly Pierre Jannin.

Research Engineer Position

  • No position available

PhD Thesis

  • 2018: “Analyse et évaluation des compétences chirurgicales par apprentissage automatique à l'aide d’EEG” Plus d'infos “Analysis and evaluation of surgical skills by EEG and machine learning” Please apply by email at pierre.jannin(at) More info

Internship proposals

  • 2018: Stage d'ingenieur en informatique/developpement logiciel “Surgical Process Model visualization”
  • 2018: Stage recherche en informatique et vision par ordinateur “Detection/Recognition of motion patterns in 3D for hand gesture recognition”
  • 2018: Stage recherche en statistique “Modelling of Deep Brain Stimulation effects using statistical analysis”
  • 2018: Stage recherche en data-mining “Analysis of surgical procedures using data- and text-mining techniques”
  • 2018: Stage recherche ontologie “Ontologie d'application pour l'annotation de données anatomiques et physiologiques dans la stimulation cérébrale profonde”

You would like to work with us and you come from abroad ?

Please find a lot of useful information at the University Department in charge of International students and researchers:

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