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SURGETICA 2019 Rennes, France

Final program
Chairs: Pascal Haigron (F), Antoine Simon (F), Pierre Jannin (F)

  • Image processing and registration for Computer Assisted Medical Interventions
  • Modeling and simulation in Computer Assisted Medical Interventions
  • Data fusion and augmented reality for Computer Assisted Medical Interventions
  • Medical robotics and navigation systems
  • Sensors and instrumentation for Computer Assisted Medical Interventions
  • Specific man-machine interfaces for Computer Assisted Medical Interventions
  • Protocol encoding and recognition in Computer Assisted Medical Interventions
  • Clinical evaluation of CAMI systems

The next edition of SURGETICA conference will be held in Rennes (France) from June 17th to 18th, in conjunction with CARS2019. Organized in the new Congress Center “Couvent des Jacobins”, the conference will bring together academics, clinicians and healthcare industry professionals acting in the field of Computer-Assisted Medical Interventions (CAMI). The venue particularly promotes scientific exchange within the community. SURGETICA provides the opportunity to examine progresses beyond state-of-the-art as well as to formulate new hypotheses where experimental support is yet preliminary, or present and discuss new CAMI tools and their clinical applications. All clinical specialties are concerned.

SURGETICA 2019 is supported and organized by the French Laboratory of Excellence Labex-CAMI. CAMI.png


Invited speakers:

  • Ingerid Reinertsen, SINTEF Digital, Dpt. of Health Research, Norway
    Image guided surgery - inside and outside the OR
  • Emmanuel Vander Poorten, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, division PMA, KU Leuven, Belgium
    Driving and controlling flexible surgical instruments – new developments and challenges
  • Clément Baumgarten, CHU Grenoble, France
    Data-driven solutions for deep brain stimulation surgery

Proceedings: final version


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