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May 11st - PhD defense of B. Trelhu

When : May 11 2011 - 14:00
Where : Salle des thèses - Faculté de médecine - Rennes.
Title : Modeling, Analysis and comparison of neurosurgical procedures

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Abstract :

The importance of surgical simulation is now well admitted: for surgical education, assessment, or patient-based training. Creating realistic simulators should require complete understanding of surgical procedures and related processes. This involved access to detailed description of surgical processes. Numerous books and journals have described the major surgical procedures (such as surgical approaches or techniques of excision), complemented by a multitude of technical notes. However, and specially in neurosurgery, there are very few works on the description of procedures including both information available before the operation (predictive data) that is specific to patients, and the different actions constituting the procedure itself. From various sources of records in neurosurgical procedures, we established a method for modeling and analysing surgical procedures. Studies on cervical spine by anterior way (anterior cervical decompression and fusion: ACDF) were performed to propose models that better describe and explain such surgical procedures. The methodology is mainly based on the extraction of decision rules. We have also proposed a metric reflecting the diversity of the procedure investigated, allowing the comparison of different kinds of populations.

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